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Basement Halls: Diocletian Palace

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Basement: Diocletian's Palace

It may seem an odd way to access the centre of Diocletian's Palace but these cavernous cellars form the substructure of the Palace. Now the halls are lined with stalls of handicrafts and various souvenirs but their original function was to level the terrain and they are slightly sloped toward the sea. Throughout the Middle Ages, the halls were used as kind of a dump. It wasn't until 1956 that the halls were excavated. At the entrance, there's a long  corridor that coincides with the Emperor's promenade upstairs. Along the corridor, there are six square rooms and toward the west there is a large aisled hall. Also in the west is a larger hall with an exedra and row of smaller rooms. The pervasive barrel vaults, intercrossed vaults and cupolas lend the basement halls an undeniable sense of majesty.

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