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Rock Climbing in Rovinj
Rock climbing in Rovinj


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Adventure travel is alive and well in Croatia. Between its coastline, its eight national parks, underwater life, mountainous interior rivers and forests, Croatia offers a wealth of outdoor activities. Active travellers have a whole menu of choices to keep busy, fit and healthy. For the best outdoors destinations in Croatia, see this article and to get a taste of what you can do in Croatia check out the following articles on:

Bicycling in Croatia
Whether peacefully cycling along country roads or opting for a more demanding mountain biking trip, Croatia is definitely cycle-friendly.

Diving in Croatia
The diving industry in Croatia is well-developed with outlets on nearly every major island and all along the coast.

Hiking in Croatia
From easy little strolls to highly demanding climbs, Croatia's many mountains and hills offer a wealth of hiking opportunities.

Horse Riding in Croatia
Less developed than other active holidays, horse riding is a wonderful way to appreciate the Croatian countryside while getting some exercise.

Kayaking in Croatia
Between an interior netted with rivers and an endless coastline, Croatia is a kayaker's delight.

Rafting in Croatia
It started as a means of navigating Croatia's rivers, but now river rafting is a hugely popular sport with Croatians and tourists.

Rock Climbing in Croatia
The highly porous karst of Croatia's mountains makes for excellent rock climbing.

Sailing in Croatia
Croatia is truly a sailor's paradise, that is, if you like calm winds, blue seas and 1185 islands.

Windsurfing in Croatia
The winds sweeping along the coast make Croatia ideal for windsurfing.

Travel Insurance

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