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Feedback is always a good thing. That's how I improve Croatia Traveller. Have you spotted a mistake? Is there something out of date? Do you have a brilliant suggestion? Or would you like to advertise on Croatia Traveller? Tell me about it!

What if you have a quick question about your forthcoming trip to Croatia? Will I answer it personally? No! I'm really sorry but if you need advice about your Croatia holiday, please do not contact me via email. Croatia Traveller receives thousands of visitors per day. Maintaining this site and keeping it up-to-date to provide you with the best and most recent information is a full-time job. If I answered everyone's questions personally I wouldn't have time to do anything else!

Many times, I find that people pose questions that are already answered on Croatia Traveller. For example, every single thing I know about ferries is already on Croatia Traveller! So, do try the search box at the top of the page to scan the site and find your answer.

Still perplexed? There are several ways you can get a personal reply about your trip.

  • Post your question in the comments section at the bottom of any page relevant to your query or on the bottom of the homepage. I will be notified and I or someone else will answer your question.

  • Post your question on the Croatia Traveller Facebook page. You have to "Like" the page first. Then, you can post your question and I or someone else will answer it. Plus, Croatia Traveller on Facebook has the latest news, photos, observations and fun stuff. Check it out!

  • Follow me on Twitter and ask your question there. Obviously it will have to be a short one!

  • You can arrange a personal consultation if you need detailed itinerary planning.

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