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Private Accommodation: On the Spot


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One way to find accommodation in Croatia is to just show up! In most Croatian coastal cities, women (and sometimes men offering sobe (rooms meet incoming buses, trains and boats. You may be able to get a good deal but sometimes a language barrier makes it difficult to know just what is being offered where and at what price.

If you do book private accommodation on site here are some tips;

1. Show up early when you'll be in a better bargaining position. If it's 6pm and you stagger off a ferry, they know they've got you and the price will rise accordingly.

2. Insist on seeing the apartment before settling on a price. The most common, let's say 'misunderstanding', occurs when the apartment is way out of town. Here's the drill: you get in the car with the friendly owner to see the apartment which you discover is much further away than you'd like. Usually the owner will return you to the bus station if you like but by then all the other owners have left!

3. Clarify that the price is per room not per person. Sometimes a genuine language difficulty can lead to problems.

4. Clarify whether the price is based on a minimum stay. At the height of the summer season, many owners do not want to turn the apartment over every day. They may refuse a one-night stay or actually double the price!

There are also booking agencies on-site that arrange for your accommodation. Naturally, they tack on a surcharge and they are also likely to require a four-night stay. To find these booking agencies, head to the local tourist office. And now we're back to square one: get to town early!

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