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Travelling Croatia with Children


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Travelling to Croatia with a child or children? No problem. Croatia is child-friendly and Croatians will go out of their way to help with any problems that may arise. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of thought given to making life easier for parents. Don't expect diaper-changing tables in public restrooms, high chairs in restaurants or other concessions to comfort.

Nor is Croatia rich in public playgrounds (although there are a few in big cities). The attitude seems to be that kids should fit into the environment not the other way around. On the hand, the environment is great for kids: safe, clean and relaxed.

Travelling with Babies

Travelling with babies in Croatia should pose no particular problem. Disposable diapers are readily available in pharmacies which also stock baby formulas and baby food. For convenience sake, it's a good idea to pack some powdered formula.  Tap water in Croatia is safe to drink and there's always bottled water available for tender stomachs.

Child-Friendly Accommodation

There's never a problem with a hotel putting an extra cot or two into the room for kids but some hotels are particularly hospitable for family holidays. (See more on family holiday hotels in Croatia) Otherwise, you'll find it economical and practical to rent an apartment where you'll have larger living quarters and your own kitchen. (See more on private accommodation in Croatia).

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Dining with Children

Except for the most upscale establishments, dining in Croatia tends to be a casual affair. Some restaurants will offer special children's meals but it's not yet a concept that has become common. If it's not on the menu, don't hesitate to ask for a special kid-friendly dish. Since small plates of pasta or risotto are standard starters nearly everywhere, you may not need to worry. If you're travelling with very small kids, be aware that high chairs are not available. Bring a booster seat.

Getting Around with Children

Kids will love getting around Croatia by ferry! Don't forget to take a game or toy for the longer ferry rides though. If you rent a car in Croatia, you can always get a child's seat. Be aware that if your itinerary includes exploring lots of old towns or villages, the cobblestoned streets can make it difficult for buggies.

Sightseeing with Children

With beaches, islands, waterfalls, national parks, Roman palaces and a full menu of outdoors activities, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Croatia is a wonderland for kids of all ages. Parents of young children may want to opt for shallow, sandy beaches such as Banje Beach, Lopar, Baska and Brela. Teenagers will enjoy the windsurfing opportunities at Bol. No matter where you go in Croatia there will be something to excite, amuse and spark the curiosity of the entire family. See the top ten best sights for kids in Croatia.

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