Telephone Calls to & from Croatia
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Telephone Calls to & from Croatia 

Telephone booth, Croatia
Public telephone in Croatia

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Croatians are so addicted to their cellphones that you might wonder if fixed lines exist. They do. (Find out more about using a mobile phone in Croatia.)

Calling to Croatia

Croatia's country code is 385 so first you dial your international operator and then you dial 385. Then you dial the regional area code (for example 01 for Zagreb, 020 for Dubrovnik and Korcula, 021 for Split) but you eliminate the zero when calling from abroad. Then continue with the number which is usually six or seven digits. Use the zero when calling from one region to another.In phone numbers quoted on Croatia Traveller I have included the regional code. Remember the Croatia time zone! (plus six hours from New York, plus one hour from London). See a list of all Croatia's regional area codes.

Calling from Croatia

Most travellers now use Skype, WhatsApp or another VOIP plan to make international calls. But if not. . .

The most expensive way to call home from Croatia is to use your hotel phone. The mark-up can be substantial on international calls.

A practical solution is to use a public phone. All public phone booths use a local phone card (telefonske kartice). You can buy a phone card at any post office and most kiosks (tisak) and many newspaper stands. Phone cards come in denominations of 15Kn, 30Kn, 50Kn and 100Kn and can be used for all local and international calls. Here are the prices of local and international calls using a phone card:

Local calls 0.80Kn/minute
Neighbouring countries (including Austria, Italy & Slovenia) 3Kn/minute
Europe (including the UK) 3.50Kn/minute
Australia & USA 5Kn/minute
Middle East, Africa etc. 10Kn/minute

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Another possibility for making phone calls in Croatia is to head to the nearest post office. Most post offices have telephone booths you can use without using a card. Tell the clerk at the counter you wish to make a phone call and they will direct you to the booth and open the line. You pay for the call afterwards.

Some phone booths allow you to make calls using your credit card (AmEx, Visa, MasterCard) but it's more expensive.

 Useful Numbers

General information 18981
Local Directory Assistance 11888
International Directory Assistance 11802
Emergency Assistance (Multilingual)112
Weather, Traffic and Road Conditions 18166
Croatian Auto Club 1987
Police 92
Emergency 93
Firefighters 94

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