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What to Pack for Croatia


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Packing light is always a good thing according to every travel expert's advice. Easier said than done! If you'll be taking public transport in Croatia, packing light is absolutely essential. Nothing is worse than dragging heavy suitcases onto ferries, trains and buses. You have a little more leeway if you travel Croatia by car but it's still wise not to overdo it. The more stuff you bring, the more stuff there is to pack up every time you check out of the hotel and the greater the chance that you'll leave something. Still, you need to have the essentials so you feel appropriately dressed, ready to face contingencies and with all the gear necessary to get the most out of your Croatian vacation.


Your first consideration is luggage. It should be big enough to store everything but not so big it takes over your trip. I don't know that the right suitcase can make your vacation but I'm pretty sure that the wrong one can break it. See more about luggage & luggage accessories.

Packing Checklist

Adaptor Plugs Croatia uses the two-round prong variety. See more about electricity in Croatia.

Alarm Clock Sure, hotels have wake-up calls (do you trust them?), but not private accommodation.

Bioband The all-natural acupressure method to ward off sea-sickness induced by ferry trips to Croatian islands.

Dual Voltage Heating Coil and Fold-a-Cup. Invaluable. Do you need to leave before your hotel serves breakfast? Heat up water for an early morning coffee or afternoon tea in your room.

Ipod Travel Speakers Few hotels and no private accommodation provide radios? With your speakers you can listen to local radio or your own tunes.

Packable Tote It folds up into a little ball and then unfolds to hold a massive amount of stuff like beach gear or the Croatian gifts you'll be bringing back home.

Sun Protection There are a whole range of products from sun hats to sun glasses to sun block to protect you from Croatia's Mediterranean rays. Some have a built-in insect repellant.

Travel Hair Dryer Most hotels have wall-mounted hair dryers but only some private rooms and apartments are equipped.

Travel Rescue Kit  Four doctor-recommended all natural treatments for upset tummies, aching muscles, head colds and sore throats.

Windbreaker/Rain Jacket  This jacket does triple duty, even usable as a pillow!


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