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Korcula Accommodation


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The main places to stay on Korcula Island are Korcula Town and Lumbarda although some find it convenient to stay in Vela Luka. The only luxury hotel on the island is the top-level Lesic Dimitri Palace Aparthotel in Korcula Town which pampers visitors with exquisite decoration and an elaborate spa center.

After years of benign neglect, Korcula hotels have been upgraded to solid four-star hotels, thanks to investment by the Aminess group. The venerable Hotel Korcula with its convivial terrace is now the Aminess Korcula Heritage Hotel and the old Hotel Liburna is now the Aminess Hotel Liburna. The gorgeous Aminess Port 9 hotel, opened in 2017, provides a resort experience only a 20-minute walk from the town centre.

There's also plenty of private accommodation. Some private accommodation in Korcula town is in the attractive Sv. Nikola neighbourhood.

Korcula Sv Nikola Neighbourhood
Sv Nikola

There's also excellent private accommodation in the Old Town but beware of steps. I stayed in the small but friendly Guest House Old Town and can recommend it heartily as a budget option.

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If you want to be in the centre of the action, choose Korcula Town. There are a number of restaurants, cafes and bars in town and it's easy to rent a car or motorcycle to see the rest of Korcula Island.

For beaches, Lumbarda is your kind of place as this quiet little village borders several sandy beaches. The two hotels are less than outstanding. I recommend the Pansion Guest House Bebic which offers comfort and excellent, friendly service.

To get away from it all, choose the wonderful new Aminess Lume Hotel in the seaside village of Brno.

Vela Luka is a quiet fishing port with a wide harbour. Stay in the relaxing Hotel Korkyra.

Staying in Korcula Town

Five-star hotels
Lesic-Dmitri Aparthotel

Lesic Dimitri Palace Aparthotel

Four-star hotels in Korcula Town

Port 9 hotel, Korcula
Aminess Port 9

Lesic-Dmitri Aparthotel
Hotel Korsal

Hotel Korcula
Aminess Korcula Heritage Hotel

Hotel Marco Polo
Marko Polo Hotel by Aminess

Hotel Liburna
Aminess Hotel Liburna

Hotel Fabris, Korcula
The Fabris Luxury Inn


Staying in Lumbarda

Three-star hotels in Lumbarda
Villa Sokol, Lumbarda
Heritage Hotel Lumbarda

Hotel Borik
Hotel Borik

Staying in Vela Luka

Four-star hotels in Vela Luka
Hotel Korkyra
Hotel Korkyra

Three-star hotels in Vela Luka

Hotel Telenta
Villa Telenta

Staying in Zrnovo

Tara's Lodge Hotel, Korcula
Tara's Lodge Hotel
--four stars



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