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LGBTQ Travel in Croatia 


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Even though homosexuality is legal in Croatia, full acceptance is a long way away. Same sex marriage is not permitted. After a lengthy campaign the government awarded same sex couples many civil rights in 2014 except the right to adopt children.

Croatians tend to be tolerant people but Croatia is a socially conservative society and the Catholic church has enormous political and cultural power. The times they are a-changin' though, especially in Zagreb which is the only place, so far, you'll find openly gay clubs. Each year in June, Zagreb's gay and lesbian denizens strut their stuff during the Gay Pride Day celebration. See more on Zagreb's Gay Pride Day.

Along the coast, gays will find Dubrovnik is the most tolerant of Croatia's coastal towns. Although there is not (yet) an exclusively gay bar, gays are most welcome at Troubadur (see more on Dubrovnik nightlife). As elsewhere in Croatia, naturist beaches are a popular meeting place for gays, especially the one on Lokrum Island.

Other places that are attracting gay travellers include Rovinj, Hvar and Split but any large town that depends on tourism is likely to be accommodating. As elsewhere in the world, rural people tend to have the most traditional social values. Be discrete about public displays of affection anywhere but especially in rural Croatia.

Croatia's many music festivals attract a strong LGBTQ contingent of music lovers and Carnivals are notoriously permissive. The Rijeka Carnival is the best.

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