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Driving to Croatia 


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Many, many people drive to Croatia for their vacation each year. Most commonly people drive from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary or Austria to the Croatian coast but there are an increasing number of visitors from Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro who come with a car or camper. Border crossings into Croatia are generally no-fuss affairs but the queues can be long in the busy summer season.

Find out more about  driving IN Croatia

   Drive to Croatia from Italy

The most practical route goes from Trieste (Italy) to Koper (Slovenia) and then into Istria.

Trieste-Pula 111km (See distances from Pula to other Croatian towns).

See more on travelling from Italy to Croatia.

Drive to Croatia from Slovenia

the most direct route from Ljubljana to Zagreb goes via Bobovica

Or you can take the quickest route from Slovenia to the Croatian coast by heading toward Rijeka via the Postojna caves. Stop and visit!

Ljubljana-Zagreb 140km (See distances from Zagreb to other Croatian towns)

Ljubljana-Rijeka 124km (See distances from Rijeka to other Croatian towns)

See more on travelling from Slovenia to Croatia.

Drive to Croatia from Austria

To see it all, rent a car

Your best route passes Graz then Maribor in Slovenia and lands in Zagreb

Vienna-Zagreb 378km (See distances from Zagreb to other Croatian towns)

Drive to Croatia from Hungary

You'll enter northern Croatia near Letenje and then drive to Zagreb.

Budapest-Zagreb 351km (See distances from Zagreb to other Croatian towns)

Drive to Croatia from Bosnia-Hercegovina

you can drive directly to Zagreb, crossing the border near Klasnice

Or you can drive from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik, passing Mostar

Sarajevo-Zagreb 418km (See distances from Zagreb to other Croatian towns)

Sarajevo-Dubrovnik 279km (See distances from Dubrovnik to other Croatian towns)

Distances to Croatia

Here are some other distances from European cities to Croatia:

Amsterdam-Zagreb 1339km
Athens-Zagreb 1495km
Belgrade-Zagreb 398km
Munich-Zagreb 549km
Paris-Zagreb 1393km
Prague-Zagreb 670km
Venice-Zagreb 381km
Venice-Pula 278km


 Don't forget to get a good regional road map to help you navigate the roads. Make sure it's up to date as Croatia's motorways are in the process of being enlarged and upgraded. (See more getting around Croatia by car). I recommend for high quality up-to-date maps of Europe. See more on maps of Croatia.

Legal Matters

To enter Croatia by car you'll need a "green card"--proof of insurance. If you drive a rented car into Croatia make sure that your insurance contract covers travel to Croatia. Some contracts exclude Croatia and other "Balkan" countries. See more on Croatia car rental and more on auto insurance in Croatia.



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