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Travel Insurance for Croatia: You need it!


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Should you purchase travel insurance for your trip to Croatia? I never gave it too much thought until recently when I booked passage on the Ancona Zadar ferry to begin a tight research trip. My partner and I arrived in Ancona in the middle of a fierce rainstorm. No surprise: the evening boat was cancelled. Tired and soggy, we had to cancel the Croatian hotel and book one in Ancona. The following morning there was only a boat to Split scheduled so we took that and drove down the Croatian coast to our destination.

Fortunately it was off-season so the Croatian hotel was nice enough not to charge us for the delayed reservation but it easily could have been otherwise. I wondered what would have happened if we had non-refundable reservations or if we had missed a flight because of the delayed boat. We could have gotten stuck with quite a bill!

So I started thinking about insurance and now I buy it for every trip. It gives me peace of mind. After all, rebooking a flight or hotel is expensive but even worse is the possible need for emergency medical care. Croatia is a safe country but sometimes stuff happens. Even tripping on a cobblestone street can lead to a doctor visit and cancelled plans. I like to know there's a number I can call and someone on the other end to handle any necessary arrangements including a medical evacuation which can cost up to $100,000. The same goes for lost luggage, passport theft a car accident or any one of a number of unlikely but unpleasant events.

I recommend Travelex I've used them several times and find that their policies are clearly explained and reasonably priced. It’s designed for anyone and everyone including adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of .

The basic plan inclues trip cancellation insurance which can cover you in the event of natural disasters, missed flights, a death in the family or health problems that can prematurely end your trip. With non-refundable flight tickets, a pre-booked hotel, ferries, car rental etc. you could be out a substantial amount of money if circumstances force you to cancel your trip.


In order to choose the best policy ask yourself the following:

  • What does my credit card cover?
    Some credit cards, especially the premium or "gold" kind provide collision damage waiver (CDW)--if you rent a car using that card. The credit card may cover emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.
  • What does my homeowner's insurance cover?
    Your homeowner's insurance policy may cover you for any stolen belongings on your trip to Croatia. It could be worthwhile to check, especially if you're travelling with a laptop or other expensive device.
  • What does my auto insurance policy cover?
    Your auto insurance policy at home might provide limited overseas coverage. It's worthwhile to check.
  • What does my health plan cover?
    USA residents need to check their private health plans carefully. Neither Medicare nor most private health plans cover medical expenses overseas. EU residents are covered through "reciprocal care" agreements between Croatia and EU countries.



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