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Croatia Airlines
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Croatia Airlines (code OU) is Croatia's national air carrier and handles all internal flights within Croatia although sometimes in codeshare arrangements with other airlines. Zagreb and Dubrovnik handle most international flights to Croatia.

From Zagreb you can fly to Osijek Dubrovnik, Pula (through Zadar) Split, Rijeka and Zadar.

From spring to fall Croatia Airlines operates flights from Zagreb to Rijeka, Rijeka to Split, Split to Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik to Rijeka. These flights run weekly on Friday.

Despite the lack of competition, domestic flights can be almost ridiculously cheap, especially off-season. It can be the same price to fly from Zagreb to Split as to take a Zagreb-Split train. You will pay a premium if you book from out of the country though. If you possibly can, book and pay for your internal flight from within Croatia.

By and large you'll find that Croatia Airlines is as modern, safe and reliable as any other airline in the developed world. Perhaps that's not saying much but I can only add that I've never had a problem on any Croatia Airlines flight.

Of course you'll need to get to the airport but that's no problem. Croatia Airlines buses connect Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Rijeka airports with the town centres at prices between 25 and 35Kn. See more on airport transfers in Croatia.

Airports in Croatia

Following are Croatia's airports and their airport codes:

Airport Airport Code
Brac Island BWK
Dubrovnik DBV
Osijek OKI
Pula PUY
Rijeka RJK
Zadar ZAD


See more details on Croatian airports.

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