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Split Bus Station
Split Bus Station



Autobusni Kolodovor
Autobusni Kolodvor
(bus station)



Intercity busBus service within Croatia is excellent. Service is fast, efficient and there are usually many buses a day going to popular destinations. If you're travelling Croatia on a budget, bus travel is for you. The only place where it's definitely more convenient to have a car is on Croatian islands as island bus service often makes it difficult to visit more than one island destination in a day.


Bus travel is relatively comfortable as companies must compete for customers on popular routes. Seats recline and air-conditioning is standard. Many bus companies are now offering free WiFi. Most routes are daytime only but there are a few night buses between far-flung destinations.

From Istria to Split or Dubrovnik is one of very few overnight rides. Here's what one passenger had to say about the experience:

I chaulked up another really bad night's sleep on the bus from Pula to Split in Croatia. David and I took the 10 hour, overnight bus, figuring that we would just be able to sleep on board and not have to pay for lodging for a night. The bus would stop every 30 minutes or so (or, however long it would take me to fall asleep), the lights would come on and people would bump our chairs on their way on or off the bus. The driver had the radio on some Croatian talk radio show, loud enough for the entire bus to hear. And people's cell phones were going off at all hours. Of course, the real irony is that it was still more comfortable than RyanAir.

Buying Bus Tickets

OR, you could RENT A CAR

You usually do not need to reserve far in advance but it would be advisable if you are going to a popular coastal destination in the summer. In that case, buy your bus tickets as soon as possible. You can pay with cash or credit card. Also, remember that seating is assigned so if you don't want to be stuck in the back you should buy your ticket at least a day ahead of time, if possible. In truth, the only time assigned seating is enforced is on crowded buses. Most times it is ignored.

Can you buy online? Yes, for most buses. Some bus stations (see below) sell tickets online. I recommend Autotrans where you can print out your tickets, go directly to the bus station and board. The booking process is simple and there are frequent discounts.

Otherwise, tickets are only sold at the bus station. Travel agencies do not sell bus tickets.

How much does it cost?

There are a number of different companies competing for service on the most popular lines, i.e. Zagreb-Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Dubrovnik etc. which keeps costs within bounds. Competition on major routes means that there may be a big difference in prices depending on when you travel. If your hours are more flexible than your budget, check the prices at different times of the day. Be aware that if you buy a return trip you will have to travel on that company's bus!

Baggage placed under the bus sometimes incurs a charge of 7Kn, depending on the bus company. Some bus companies no longer impose a charge. Local buses and most island buses have no baggage surcharge. See more on costs of travel in Croatia.

How long does it take?

Buses are a little slower than cars but often not by much. The usual procedure is to stop for 10 minutes every two hours which is not much different from driving. To figure how long your bus trip will take, consult my Croatia driving distances chart and add about 30% extra. That should give you a rough idea of your bus trip.

Bus Companies


There is some information on-line even if much of it is in Croatian! By far the best way to get bus schedules is to consult Autotrans. You can also take a look at bus station websites but here are the major bus companies with websites and their base city:

Carrier City
Antoniotours Pag
Auto promet Sisak Sisak
Autobusni promet Varaždin Varaždin
Autoprometno poduzeće d.d. Požega
Autotrans Rijeka
Autotransport d.d. Šibenik Šibenik
Autotransport Karlovac Karlovac
Brioni d.d. Pula
Croatia - Bus d.d. Zagreb
Čazmatrans d.o.o. Putnička Agencija Zagreb Zagreb
FILS d.o.o. Banjole
Francuzević Prijevoz Dugo Selo
Libertas Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
Liburnija d.o.o. Zadar Zadar
Panturist d.d. Osijek
Polet d.o.o. Vinkovci
Presečki grupa Krapina
Promet Makarska Makarska
Promet Split Hercegovačka 20, 21000 Split
Puntamika-line Zadar
Samoborček Samobor
Velebit Tours Gospić

Bus Stations

The best place for bus information is at the bus station. Check out the following bus station websites which have timetables and pricing information for all arriving and departing buses:

Zagreb bus station
Split bus station
Dubrovnik bus station
Zadar bus station

Croatia Bus Apps

Platform:iOS GetByBus
             Android GetByBus
Price: Free
Review: The selection is complete and certain routes are payable from the app. For "not available" routes, buy tickets at the bus station.

Last Updated August 1, 2017

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