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Croatia has a reputation as cheap even though prices have been rising the last few years, especially in southern Dalmatia between Split and Dubrovnik. Naturally the coast and islands are more expensive than inland destinations (except Zagreb) and July and August are vastly more expensive than the rest of the year. See more on when to go to Croatia.

Croatia is not part of the eurozone although it became part of the EU in 2013. If and when it becomes part of the eurozone, it will replace the kuna and adopt the euro as its currency. As of now, Croatia is cheaper than many other Mediterranean destinations and offers excellent value for money. In the following pages, you'll read all about managing your money on your Croatian holiday.


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What it Costs to Travel in Croatia

Croatia is not as cheap as it used to be (what is?) but you can still get good deals. Read more.

Budget Tips

From where to go to where to stay, get my top budget tips for saving money on your Croatian holiday. Read more.

The Croatian kuna

The unit of currency is the kuna even though the euro is widely accepted. Read more

Currency Converter

See what local prices are in your home currency or translate your travel budget into Croatian kuna. Read more.

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Exchanging Money in Croatia

Good old-fashioned cash. It's good to have some on hand but where can you exchange it for local currency? Read more.

Credit Cards

Don't leave home without it but there are some limits to credit card use in Croatia. Read more.

ATMs (Cash Machines) in Croatia

It might be the best solution for getting local cash. Read more.

Travellers Checks

Bring them if you must but consider carefully. Read more.



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