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Health & Medical Care in Croatia


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With such fresh air, good food and a clean sea, travel to Croatia seems like one of the healthiest things you can do. And it is! What could go wrong? Not much. Croatia is safe but be aware of:


As anywhere, driving in Croatia is one of the more dangerous activities. Read up on the road rules and auto insurance in Croatia.

The Sun

Yes it's strong in the summer. Sunblock is on sale everywhere. Buy it and use it. If the health aspect doesn't motivate you, think how silly you'll look with bright pink splotches on your skin. Nothing looks dumber.

Eating & Drinking

Do it in moderation. Tap water in Croatia is safe and you should drink a lot of it to keep yourself hydrated in the summer. Bottled water is available but unnecessary. Croatian food shouldn't give you any problems as the main spice is garlic. Nevertheless travellers' diarrhea or constipation can occur. Croatian pharmacies are well equipped with the appropriate products which can be bought over the counter.

With its predominantly Mediterranean lifestyle, it shouldn't be surprising that Croatians are moderate drinkers. They drink to have fun and be sociable but binge drinking is not part of the culture.

Medical Care

The standard of health care in Croatia is reassuringly high. There are hospitals and clinics in all larger cities and first aid clinics and pharmacies in all places. Most have at least one person on hand who can speak English.

EU residents are not billed for medical services pursuant to treaty. Others pay directly. Count on paying about €26 in cash for a routine visit to the emergency room.

If you have any kind of a pre-existing condition or if you'd just like greater peace of mind, it can pay to invest in medical insurance.


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