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Auto Insurance in Croatia 


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 Rent a car in Croatia? Great idea! But make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Croatia is generally a safe country in which to travel by car but, let's face it: bad things can happen.

 Although basic liability insurance is included in the cost of your car rental, most companies may try to sell you a collision damage waiver (CDW) to cover the difference before the collision insurance kicks in. It can be quite expensive.

 But are you already covered? Your credit card company may provide collision coverage but it's important to read the fine print. For example, they may not cover so-called "loss of use" which means the amount the car rental company loses while the car is out of commission.

The car rental company may also propose Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) to cover your medical bills in case you're injured in an accident. If you already have medical coverage that travels with you it is probably not worthwhile to go for the PAI.

Another extra on sale may be tire and glass insurance to cover damage to, well, tires and glass. Windshields, headlights, windows and tires can be expensive to replace and this kind of damage is usually not included in basic collision coverage.




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