Regional telephone codes in Croatia
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 Area Codes in Croatia

Croatian Telephone Card

Each of Croatia's regions is assigned a telephone code which you dial with the initial zero when calling locally and without the initial zero when calling from abroad.

The telephone area codes are linked to zip codes so that, for example in Zagreb the telephone code is 01 and the zip code is 10000.

Free numbers (such as for public services) begin with 08, paying numbers begin with 06 and you dial 00 to make an international call from Croatia. See more on phoning to and from Croatia.

Area Codes
Zagreb and region 01
Dubrovnik and region 020
Split and region 021
Sibenik and region 022
Zadar 023
Osijek and Baranja region 031
Vukovar and Srijem region 032
Virovitica and Podravina region 033
Pozega and Slavonia region 034
Slavonski Brod and region 035
Medimurje 040
Varazdin 042
Bjelovar and Bilogora region 043
Sisak and Moslavina region 044
Karlovac region 047
Koprivnica and Krizevci 048
Krapina and Zagorje 049
Primorje and Gorski Kotor (Kvarner) region 051
Istria 052
Lika and Senj region 053


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