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Krapanj Island


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Of all the islands in the Sibenik archipelago, Krapanj Island is the smallest and least populated. In fact, Krapanj is basically a flat slab of rock in the sea (the highest point is only 7m high on this 0.4sq km island). The western part of the island is wooded and the eastern part contains tiny Krapanj village.

The traditional industry on Krapanj island is gathering and processing sponges which has occupied the island for centuries. As early as the 15th century, Krapanj was a haven for refugees from the Turkish occupation. There's a Franciscan monastery and church that dates from that period. The monastery is worth visiting for the Renaissance cloister and a painting by Francesco da Santacroce. There's also a small sponge museum.

Accommodation on Krapanj Island
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In addition to private accommodation, there's an excellent four-star hotel on Krapanj Island, the Hotel Spongiola. Or you can stay in the three-star Villa Daniela in Brodarica.

Getting to Krapanj Island

A boat runs hourly from Brodarica a small village eight kilometres south of Sibenik.

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Krapanj Island

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