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Many English-language cookbooks filled with Croatian recipes are on sale to the wider public using ingredients and measurements geared to American and British kitchens.   

A Taste of CroatiaA Taste of Croatia by Karen Evendon presents recipes the author amassed on a three-year sailing adventure along the Adriatic coast. The traditional recipes are easy-to-follow and produce scrumptious results. Buy Now from Amazon!

 Best of Croatian CookingThe Best of Croatian Cooking by Liliana Pavicic and Gordana Pinker-Mosher is classic with over 200 recipes, simplified and geared to products likely to found in American and British supermarkets.  
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Another comprehensive book is Croatian Cuisine by Ruzica Kapetanovic and Alojzije Kapetanovic which covers all the basic dishes and makes a wonderful gift.
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Modern Croatian Cooking

Croatian Cuisine, The Modern Way is another excellent choice. It's shorter but has easy, workable recipes.
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Croatia & BosniaCooking in Croatia and Bosnia by Karmela Klis is the newest collection of traditional Croatian recipes. Drawn from the cooking of her great-aunt Ivana, Karmela has recreated Croatian comfort food with 424 recipes.
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