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Here is my latest Croatia guidebook: Insight's Croatia Step by Step with 15 self-guided tours and excursions. The driving and walking directions couldn't be easier to follow; the photos are inspiring and it includes all the best restaurants and places to stay.

SBS Croatia
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And here are all the other Croatia books I've written over the past 13 years.

EEUR Croatia 1 Croatia 3
The Croatia chapter of Eastern Europe on a Shoestring (4) was my first Croatia text. Researched in 1996, Croatia was just emerging from the devastating Balkan wars. Most coastal hotels were still filled with refugees and an enervating glumness permeated the country. This first edition of Croatia was also the first guidebook in English to the country. It was a huge undertaking but Croatians were anxious to get their tourism industry underway and couldn't have been more helpful. The cover blurb reads "Get in before the crowds return!" By the time of Croatia 3, published in 2005, the crowds had returned!
Western Balkans BOD
Croatia 4 by Jeanne Oliver
Croatians utterly detest the idea of being lumped with the dreaded "Balkans" a region they would like to mail to another part of the globe. Published in 2006, Western Balkans covers the former Yugoslavia plus Albania. Best of Dubrovnik gives the complete lowdown on the sights, activities, restaurants and hotels of this fabulous and surprisingly friendly city.

Croatia 4 has a wealth of background information to prepare your for your Croatia vacation. Croatia changes fast though, so get the latest hotel, flight and transport information right here on Croatia Traveller!


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