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Rovinj: Things to See


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Rovinj Heritage Museum

It's housed in a striking baroque palace and contains rooms devoted to archaeology, maritime affairs and paintings by renaissance and contemporary Rovinj artists.

Eco-Museum Batana
Batana Eco-Museum
This well-laid out museum is devoted to the batana, Rovinj's traditional fishing boat. For the "full-Rovinj" book a tour of the museum, followed by a boat trip, a wine-tasting and traditional songs. Details here.

The aquarium was founded in 1891 and is part of Ruder Boškovic Institute's Centre for Maritime Research. There are several tanks filled with marine life but a renovation is long overdue.

Mini-Croatia, Rovinj
This park sprawls over 5.5 sq km of carefully manicured pathways dotted with tiny reconstructions of Croatia's most famous sights: Dubrovnik, Pula Amphitheatre, the Adriatic coast. More on their website.


Church of St Euphemia

courtesy Rovinj Tourist Board
This church's striking bell tower was modelled after St Mark's in Venice. The church is dedicated to St Euphemia and contains the tomb of this Christian martyr which, according to legend, mysteriously appeared offshore one dark and stormy night.


Balbi Arch
Balbi Arch
Part of the town gate, the Balbi Arch was erected in 1679 and, in a nod to both sides of a running war, is ornamented with a Venetian head on one side and a Turkish head on the other.

Town Square

Called Trg Marsala Tita, It's one of the most inviting town squares with its baroque houses, clock tower and fountain.

Grisia Street
Grisia Street, Rovinj
Lined with art galleries, this stepped street is the site of a famous art fair in August. (see more Rovinj events)


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Rovinj Fountain
Central Square

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