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Zlatni Rt, Rovinj


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Only about 1.5km south of central Rovinj, Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape), also known as Punta Corrente Forest Park is the place to come for a taste of the outdoors. The interior has been planted with cedars, stone pines and cypress which mingle with the native holm oak and Alpine pines to create a cool, shady forest. A string of beaches are sandwiched between the forest and the sea while a sprinkling of offshore islands provide restful vistas.

What can you do on Zlatni Rt? Paths wind through the interior making it ideal for a stroll but the best way to appreciate the park is to rent a bike and pedal. There are several bike-rental stalls between the Old Town and the park and the price is reasonable. Too much work? Then just head to one of the beaches where you can either throw down a towel or rent a lounge chair and swim or snorkel in the calm waters. The beach closest to town is Lone Beach but there are others a little further out on the cape. Next to Lone Beach is the swanky Mulini Beach Club, part of the Monte Mulini hotel and one of Croatia's best beach clubs. The club is open to non-guests.

Another popular activity on Zlatni Rt is rock climbing. There are about 80 routes of varying difficulty in a former Venetian stone quarry. The vertical walls face west making it a cool climb in the morning and offering stunning sunset views in late afternoon.

There are several snack bars on Zlatni Rt and scattered beach showers where a coin gets you a half-minute rinse-off.

Zlatni Rt, Rovinj


Rock Climbing in Zlatni Rt, Rovinj

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