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Risnjak National Park


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Only 18km northeast of Rijeka, Risnjak National Park is one of Croatia's loveliest national parks, thick with forests, meadows and wildlife. The cracks, sinkholes, caves and abysses make the karstic terrain much more interesting than your basic park and the underground streams render it more changeable. You'll also find ancient coniferous forests, subalpine and alpine flora. Animal life includes bear, chamois, Alpine deer and wild boar.

You don't need to be an alpinist to enjoy Risnjak even though the highest peak rises to a dizzying 1528metres. There are several easy walks to take through the woods and signposts in English help explain the geological, botanical and zoological curiosities.

Travel to Risnjak National Park

The main entrance to the park is at Crni Lug, not far from the main motorway between Zagreb and Rijeka.

Accommodation in Risnjak National Park

There's no accommodation in the park although there is a small hotel, Motel Risnjak, in Crni Lug.

Tourist Information

The Motel Risnjak also contains the Park Information Office (tel 051-836 133). 

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