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Naturist Holidays in Croatia


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Ever since Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson went skinny dipping off the coast of Rab Island in 1936, Croatia has been a prime destination for European naturists. The entire length of the coast is dotted with 20 official naturist resorts such as the mega-camp Koversada in Istria and plenty of casually naturist coves such as on Lokrum Island near Dubrovnik, Crveni Otok near Rovinj, and the Pakleni Islands near Hvar.

Naturist beaches and camps throughout Croatia are marked "FKK". Some forbid bathing suits altogether and some have a "clothing optional" policy. The larger, more "official" sites welcome families, couples and women but single men are usually required to show the International Nudist Federation membership card.

Naturist camps are especially popular with German visitors but you'll rarely find a Croatian soaking up the sun without a bathing suit.

As a point of etiquette, do not open your own naturist beach, especially if it's within sight of a town or village. Look for the "FKK" sign or join other naked bathers.  

An excellent site for all matters naturist in Croatia is Cronatur And for naturist holidays, try Peng Travel.

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