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Osjecko-Baranjska County


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Osijek's Tvrda Fortress
Osijek Tvrda (Fortress)

Kopacki Rit
Kopacki Rit Nature Park

Osjecko-Baranjska (Osijek-Baranja) County is in the extreme east of Croatia where the land flattens out to plains. It's bordered on the east by the Danube river and on the west by the Drava river. Often called the "breadbasket of Croatia", this is the most fertile part of Croatia, producing wheat, corn, sugar beets and other grains.

The northwestern border is with Hungary which had the region under direct rule for much of the 19th century. The Hungarian influence is still apparent in the spicy cuisine and baroque architecture.

The eastern border is with Serbia which turned out to be calamitous during the war in the early 1990s. Fighting was brutal and much of the region was mined. The bitter feelings have not entirely subsided.

The administrative centre and largest city of the region is Osijek which is still trying to revive an economy that was devastated during the break-up of former Yugoslavia. More tourists are visiting Osijek, attracted by its restored baroque architecture as well as its fortress.

Osijek makes a good base to explore the region and there are some highly worthwhile sights. Nature enthusiasts need to check out Kopacki Rit Nature Park the largest remaining wetlands in Europe. Another easy day trip from Osijek is Dakovo (pronounced Jahck-ovo) known for its magnificent brick cathedral easily visible from a distance and the Lipizzaner training stables which are in town. Also nearby is the Bizovacke-Toplice Spa if you're in the mood to take the waters.

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