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Dalmatian Cuisine


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Meals along the Dalmatian coast are heavily influenced by their Italian ancestry which is why the coastal resorts tend to fill up with Italians in summer. Often the meals begins with a nice plate of pasta; black risotto or spaghetti in squid ink sauce is especially popular.

Dalmatian cuisine relies heavily on the fresh fish and seafood that are caught (or farmed) offshore.Look for sea bass, grouper, scorpion fish, pilchards, mackerel, squid and sea bream. Fish is usually grilled with local olive oil, garlic and lemon.

Meat isn't forgotten either. Thin slices of smoked Dalmatian ham are often on the appetizer list.Lamb is popular either boiled or baked. Dalmatian pasticada is a meat stew (beef stuffed with lard and roasted in wine and spices) often served with gnocchi.

Dalmatian desserts are usually a simple matter, often involving dried figs and raisins, almonds, honey and eggs.

     Look for the following on nearly every restaurant menu:

  • Brudet (brodetto)
    This fish stewed in tomato sauce is often served with polenta
  • Manestra
    This thick soup of vegetables and meat is typical Dalmatian winter fare. It's very similar to Istrian Manestra.
  • Rizot (risotto)
    Risotto with seafood is on nearly every coastal menu; try "black risotto" made from squid and its ink.



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