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Zagorje Cuisine


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The cuisine of Zagreb and northern Croatia (Zagorje) with its cold winters and chilly springs is based on hearty meat dishes, with sides of beans, hearty soups and cabbage-based salads. Bread is often maize or barley or both. Filling and tasty, the cuisine from this part of the world is more like peasant fare than anything else. Homemade cheese, polenta, game and local fresh-water fish are staples in Zagorje.

     Spit-roasted pork (svinjetina), duck (patka) or lamb (janje)is scrumptious. Austrian influence is most pronounced, especially in the delicate pastries. Look for the following on Zagreb menus:

  • Purica s mlincima
    Slow-roasted turkey is served with "mlinci", a sort of baked noodle
  • Strukli
    At last something for vegetarians in the meaty north! Strukli is a boiled or fried cheese pastry, served either salty as a starter or sweet as a dessert.
  • Manistra od bobica
    This hearty soup is made from beans and fresh maize, with some bacon and smoked meat thrown in for good measure.
  • Juha od Krumpira na zagorski nacin
    It's a diet-buster but you won't go to bed hungry after this creamy potato soup.
  • Savijaca sa sampinjonima
    Strudel is made with bacon and mushrooms, instead of apples and served as a main course.
  • Steak a la Zagreb
    Veal stuffed with ham and cheese, then fried in breadcrumbs.



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