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Ancona to Split Ferries 2023


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Going from Ancona to Split? The two ferry companies handling the route are SNAV and Jadrolinija. The connection works all year with greater frequency in summer. If you're further south in Italy, the Bari to Split ferry may be more convenient.

Ancona-Split-Ancona 2023 Jadrolinija Ferry Schedules

Split-Ancona ferry timetable



SNAV 2023

From April to October Ancona to Split departs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and additional departures on Saturday at 10pm in July and August.

The Split to Ancona ferry departs Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7.30pm and additional departures on Saturday at 10.30am in July and August.

Click here for schedules and online booking.

Booking the Ancona-Split Ferry

There is no substantial difference in on-board services between the various operators. Click here for more on on-board accommodation for Jadrolinija ferries.

As with any international car ferry, I strongly recommend that you book it in advance even if you do not have a car in order to have your choice of accommodation. In order to book the car ferry, follow these easy steps:

1. Select your departure port (Ancona or Split)

2. Select your arrival port (Ancona or Split)

3. Select the month and dates of your departure; Note that there is a 20% reduction on the return portion of a round-trip ticket

4. Select your desired accommodation; Note that some accommodation may not be available on some departures.

5. Choose your vehicle make, model and, if applicable, the plate number. If you do not know the plate number (i.e. for a rental car) simply enter "rental" in the space provided; you can notify the company later when you know the number

6. Follow instructions for paying by credit card and await your email confirmation and ticket which will be emailed to you.

Compare the Ferries


The "Marko Polo" ferry

Length: 128.13m
Width: 19.62m
Passenger Capacity: 1100
Vehicle Capacity: 270
Cabins: 158
Facilities: restaurant, bar, cafes, dance floor, lounge
chapel, duty-free shopping


"Croazia Jet" ferry
Croazia Jet

Length: 82.3m
Width: 23m
Passenger Capacity: 676
Vehicle Capacity: 175
No Cabins
Facilities: self-service restaurant

SNAV Adriatico

Length: 170m
Passenger Capacity: 1800
Cabin capacity: 1200
Vehicle Capacity: 500
Facilities:luxury suites, bars, restaurants, pizzas, pubs

At the Ancona Ferry Port

Ancona Ferry Port
Ancona Ferry Port


Arrive two hours before embarkment. Bring your passport or other identifying document (see Croatia border formalities) and proceed directly to the Jadrolinija or SNAV stall of the main ferry terminal. You will receive your boarding documents and information about the location and boarding time of your ferry. You will then be directed to pass through passport control.


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