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Getting to Dubrovnik


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Getting to Dubrovnik can involve some planning because of its geography. Located on the southeastern tip of Croatia, with a mountain rim separating it from Bosnia, near a border to Montenegro and facing the sea, land travel to Dubrovnik is limited to just a few roads. (See Dubrovnik on a map) You don't just wander into town! Despite its geographic limitations, there are lots of ways to get to Dubrovnik--flights, buses, ferries and roads. The one thing you can't do is take a train to Dubrovnik because there are no trains to Dubrovnik.

Flights to Dubrovnik

A flight to Dubrovnik may be your best option if you're coming from:

    northern Europe. Low-cost carriers have regular flights from the colder countries. More.

    Zagreb. Several flights a day at a reasonable price from Croatia Airlines.More.

Ferries to Dubrovnik

A ferry to Dubrovnik may be your best option if you're coming from:   

    southern Italy. The Bari to Dubrovnik ferry runs from spring to fall.  It's the only international ferry connection! More.

    the Croatian coast There are several passsenger ferries from Split and the Croatian islands but no car ferries and no links to coastal cities north of Split. More

    Buses to Dubrovnik

A bus to Dubrovnik may be your best option if you're coming from:

neighboring countries. Regular connections are there from Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro. More.

Split. Frequent and comfortable, it almost beats a car.  More.

Korcula. There is a daily three-hour bus service. More.    

Driving to Dubrovnik

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Driving to Dubrovnik may be your best option if you're coming from:

Montenegro. It's really a breeze. More.

Hvar as it beats a day-long ferry trip that only runs during the summer anyway. More.

Korcula if the ferry or bus schedule doesn't fit your plans. More.

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Dubrovnik bus station
Dubrovnik bus station

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