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Taxis in Dubrovnik 

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Dubrovnik taxi sign
Sign at the airport showing taxi prices

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There are a number of operators in charge of taxi services in Dubrovnik and they tend to be reliable. At last glance, the meter dropped at 27Kn with 9Kn per kilometre which is in line with taxi prices in the rest of Croatia. Naturally, you'll pay extra for Sunday and holiday service and there is a per piece luggage charge.

Although expensive, the chances of a rip-off are slim since many taxi stands post authorized prices. For example from Lapad to the Old Town or the bus station is 80Kn, to the airport is 280Kn and to the Old Port and Ploce is 110Kn.

Where to Find Taxis in Dubrovnik

You cannot hail a taxi on a street because there are designated taxi stations. Taxis are waiting:

at the airport

at the bus station

at Gruz harbor

in central Lapad

at Pile Gate

at Ploce Gate

Taxis cannot enter the Old Town although they can take you up to the gates.

You can also call a taxi for free at 0800-970 which is a 24/7 service.

Uber is available in Dubrovnik but only from June to October. Nevertheless, it offers a substantial savings over taxis offering fixed rates on many popular routes. For example:

 Dubrovnik airport to Pile gate: 180Kn

 Dubrovnik Gruz port to Pile gate: 55Kn

Read more about Uber in Croatia.

From the Airport

From the airport to your hotel, count on paying from 250 to 270Kn (€35-38) depending on the location of your hotel. You may find it more convenient to pre-book your arrival and/or departure transfer . Here are the advantages of pre-booking your arrival transfer:

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