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Practical Tips for Sailing in Croatia 


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Croatia has a long tradition of welcoming sailors. There are 50 or so marinas in Croatia scattered on the coast; 21 of them are managed by ACI (Adriatic Club International) and the rest are privately owned.

Generally, Croatia's marina facilities are excellent. They include reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, grocery store, parking lot, repair shop, crane, etc.

You don't have to head for a marina – you can safely moor in countless secluded natural bays or islets but there are advantages to marinas.

Many Croatian marinas are close to historical towns replete with museums, galleries, palaces and monasteries plus excellent restaurants. Self-catering is easy as most marinas are close to supermarkets. Another nice touch is that the ACI marinas are equipped with Wi-Fi access.

There are about 20,000 berths in Croatia but in peak season, it is strongly recommended that you reserve 24 hours in advance or arrive at the marina in early afternoon as berth places fill up quickly. Most marinas are open all year.


Best Seasons for Sailing in Croatia

The best sailing season is late spring ( April through June) and early fall ( September through October). The sea is calm, the weather mild and there are fewer crowds. July and August are ideal months for swimming plus the summer social season is in full swing. Reserve in advance though!

Wind and Sea Conditions

The bora and the jugo are the dominant winds. The bora is a dry cold, north-easterly wind that gusts most strongly in the Velebit Channel and the Kvarner Bay. It cleans and freshens the summer air. The jugo (sirocco) is a southerly, humid wind that flows from the sea and freshens the southern coast. The maestral is a landward-blowing wind which gives pleasant sailing along the Istrian coast, especially in the summer, but gathers force as it sweeps down to Dalmatia. The burin is a north, northeast wind that is strongest before dawn and soon dies down. Watch out for the nevera, a strong summer westerly wind that brings bad weather. It whips up the sea very suddenly, usually accompanied by thunder and then quickly dies down. It is most common in the Northern Adriatic.

ACI Marina, Vrboska
ACI Club Vrboska

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