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Accommodation in Opatija


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I love staying in Opatija because I can either be pampered in five-star luxury hotel or hole up in a well-outfitted apartment. The standard of accommodation is generally excellent and no matter where you stay in Opatija, the sea isn't far away. Unlike many Croatian resorts, Opatija isn't chock-a-block with new hotels. It developed as a rest stop for 19th-century Austrians and many hotels date from the period.

Hotels in Opatija

Five-star hotels in Opatija

Hotel Ambasador
Hotel Milenij--sleek and modern
Hotel Miramar
Hotel Mozart--classic, classy, luxury
Design Hotel Navis--one of the top new hotels of 2015
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Four-star hotels in Opatija

Hotel Agava
Design Hotel Astoria
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta
Hotel Bristol
Hotel Savoy
Hotel Villa Ariston
Hotel Admiral
Hotel Kristal
Hotel Kvarner
Villa Ambasador
Hotel Villa Kapetanovic (Volosko)

Three-star hotels in Opatija

Hotel Galeb
Hotel Imperial
Hotel Istra
Hotel Palace Bellevue
Villa Marta

Two-star hotels in Opatija
Hotel Belvedere
Hotel Opatija
Vila Amalia
Vila Ambasador
Hotel Residenz


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