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Accommodation on Rab Island


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Pansion Tamaris
Pansion Tamaris

Find Hotels in Rab

There's a tremendous amount of accommodation available on Rab Island. To be in the centre of things, stay in Rab Town but you will pay a higher price there for both hotels and private accommodation. Palit is only a short walk away and is right near the beach. Beach bums will want to head straight to Lopar, site of Paradise beach. For a quiet holiday, you'll want to stay in Suha Punta, a pretty forested peninsula studded with beaches and bordered by a shady seaside promenade.

Hotels in Rab Town

Three star hotels in Rab Town
Hotel Padova
Hotel Imperial
Hotel International
Pansion Tamaris--in Palit

Two-star hotels in Rab Town
Hotel Istra

Hotels in Suha Punta
Hotel Eva
Hotel Carolina--four stars

Inns, guesthouses, hostels and private accommodation on Rab Island

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