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Tourist Information in Croatia


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The local tourist offices put out an astonishing amount of information to help you travel to Croatia. Some are just colourful brochures full of pretty pictures but they've been getting much more sophisticated and helpful over the years. Nearly everywhere along the coast and on Croatian islands, you'll find detailed maps, lists of local services, a practical guide and often suggestions for hiking, cycling and other active pursuits.

Each local tourist office (often called Turisticka Zajednica) is staffed at all times by at least one person who speaks English. Some take charge of arranging private accommodation but all will at least point you to an agency that will help you out. Often the tourist office will exchange money (not at a very good rate) and some sell or display local products.

You can count on tourist offices to provide you with:

  • the location of the nearest service station that's open
  • English-speaking doctors
  • local bus, train & ferry schedules
  • local nightlife
  • information about local attractions
  • where to find internet access

Don't ask them to give you the name of a great local restaurant. They're not allowed to recommend one local business over another. If they do, be suspicious.

To contact local tourist offices, look them up at the National Tourist Board.

For general help on planning your Croatian trip, contact one of the Croatian Tourist Offices abroad.


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