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Osijek Airport


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Osijek Airport Location

Osijek Airport (Code: OSI) is located in Klisa, 20km south of Osijek on the road to Vukovar. It is the gateway to the Slavonia region in eastern Croatia.

Airport Facilities

There is one small terminal with little in the way of amenities except an ATM and a telephone.

Airport Parking

There's ample parking next to the terminal; the first 15 minutes are free; then you pay about €1 per hour.

Ground Transport from Osijek Airport

In addition to taxis, there's a Croatia Airlines bus that shuttles passengers to Osijek.

Car Rental

There are no car rental companies based at the airport.

Airport Hotels

There are no hotels at the airport.


Currently only Croatia Airlines has regular flights to Osijek Airport.

Contact Information

Airport website:
Telephone: 031 51 44 00
Email: [email protected]



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