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Driving in Croatia: The Rules


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Driving in Croatia is fairly straightforward as long as you follow the rules! Note the following driving regulations:

Drive on the right side of the road

No right turn on red

At unmarked intersections priority goes to the car on the right


Permitted blood level of alcohol 0.05%

fine: €66 to €400


Speed limit

50kph cities

90kph outskirts

110kph major roads

130kph motorways

fine: €40-€400


compulsory for all passengers

fine: €66

Mobile Phones

use is not permitted while driving except for hands-free systems

fine: €66

See more on cell phones in Croatia


fines for illegal parking run from €40-€53

In case of an accident

In the event of any major damage or theft a European Accident Report" form (located in the glove compartment in a rental car) must be filled in and signed by all parties involved in the accident.

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Emergency road assistance

Call 987




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