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Croatia Camping: What to Expect


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Size of Campgrounds

From small family-owned pitch-your-tent-in-my-field places to vast autocamps that resemble small cities, Croatia campgrounds come in all sizes. By far the most prevalent arrangement are the vast autocamps often run by large companies that also manage nearby hotel complexes. Most camping grounds in Istria are of this variety. Small private "mini-camps" are growing now in both number and popularity, especially in Dalmatia.


Croatian campgrounds are rated according to a star system based upon the facilities provided and the location. The best of them have excellent restaurants, some shops and are well-equipped for all sports from scuba diving to badminton. Public toilets and showers are modern and some are accessible to disabled travellers. Top-level campsites even offer private toilets and showers plus washers and dryers and special areas for pets.


It's rare for a campsite to be poorly located. Most are in stunning locations along Croatia's long coastline or on one of Croatia's many islands. There are a few in continental Croatia but most of the best campsites in Croatia are in Istria.


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