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 Shopping in Split


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Split's daily market, Pazar, on the eastern side of Diocletian's Palace, is a sight worth seeing, whether or not you want to buy anything. Just steps from the ferry wharf and the bus terminal, this busy market is open daily from 7am to 1pm. Not only will you find the best deals on fruit, vegetables, olive oil, local brandies and other edibles and drinkables but there are tables of tools, utensils, clothes, boot, electronica and other odds and ends. Mostly frequented by locals, this market attracts plenty of rural people who come to sell their wares.

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Also worth a look is Split's fish market (open 8am to 10am) where the local fishermen proudly display the night's catch to the fish-loving populace. It's outside the western walls of Diocletian's Palace just east of Marmontova. (see a street map of Split)

In the basement halls of Diocletian's Palace are stalls displaying jewelry and crafts of local artisans. Although touristy, it's a good place to pick up that special souvenir that could only come from Split.

For up-to-date clothes, shoes and accessories the streets within Diocletian's Palace house innumerable boutiques from international luxury brands to local designers. Split's women are acutely fashion-conscious as the most cursory stroll through town can attest.

Judita Gourmet & Wine Shop
Looking for that special souvenir or a taste of Dalmatia in the form of a local olive oil or jam? This little boutique at Maruliceva 1 outside the western wall of the palace is the place.


Atelier Perajica
This fascinating photographic studio on Peristile, in operation since 1949, is a good place to pick up photos and mementos of Old Split;


Mall of Split
This new mall northeast of the city center is a shopping temple with over 200 brands represented plus a food court and a casino. The mall can be reached by public transport with bus lines 1, 5, 6, 10, 16, 18, and 22.

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