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Located on the "Dubrovnik Riviera" peaceful Srebreno is a hamlet of Kupari on the Zupa Bay, 10km southeast of Dubrovnik. Kupari was once a military resort and was the target of a ferocious attack in the 1991 Balkan war. The hotel complex has still not been restored but there is a popular camp site. Srebreno has been restored although there are still signs of war damage.

Yet strolling on the seaside promenade that passes under pine trees or wading into the waters of Srebreno's long, narrow cove can banish all unpleasant thoughts of times past. The beach is sandy and the waters are shallow which makes it easier for kids. There's not much to do after dark except recuperate from a hard day at the beach.

Accommodation in Srebreno

There are no hotels in Srebreno right now but there should be by 2016 as investors have targeted Srebreno for renewal.

Getting to Srebreno

Srebreno is an easy 20-minute drive from Dubrovnik or you can take a local bus from Dubrovnik.

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Srebreno beach
Srebreno beach

War damage in Kupari

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