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Zagreb International Autumn Fair


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The yearly International Autumn Fair is Zagreb's most important fair. Held in the Zagreb Fair Grounds, this event takes place in mid-September and draws over a million visitors and exhibitors each year. In fact the fair is a conglomeration of a number of specialized exhibitions spanning industry, science, tourism and agriculture. In addition, it's a venue for businesspeople to network and explore opportunities with a regular schedule of conferences, seminars and forums.

The main "mini fairs" within the Autumn Fair are:

Transport and Logistics involving the movement of goods and services

Eco-Ethno showcasing rural products with tastings and demonstrations

Energetics involving metalworking and mechanical engineering

Fashion Days which is self-explanatory

Arca showcasing new products and inventions

Where to Stay during the Autumn Fair

Accommodation is at a premium during this fair. It's vital to reserve in advance. The most convenient would be hotels near the fair grounds and Zagreb airport but there are cheaper budget hotels in Zagreb. Be aware that accommodation prices often double during this period.

When is the Autumn Fair

Find out where the Zagreb Fair Grounds are and how to access it.

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