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Porec (pronounced Por-etch) is a small town in Istria in the middle of a vast region of resorts (see Porec on a map).It's not the place to get away from tourists (unless you go in January) but there are a ton of activities in the Porec hotels, most of which are on the beach outside of town. Be aware that beaches are rocky, not sandy. (See Porec on a map of Istria).

Things to See in Porec

The highlight of Sightseeing in Porec centres on the marvellous Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its gleaming mosaics.

The compact town centre is known for its rectangular street plan that dates back to 50 BC. Following Roman street design, Porec has two main intersecting streets: Cardo and Decumanus.

Marafor is the oldest part of the town with the remains of two Roman temples: the Temple of Mars and Neptune's Temple. Note the House of Two Saints which displays Romanesque features and the Istrian Parliament Building which was once a Franciscan church. Venetian style is also well-represented in the Leoni and Zuccato Palaces, built in Venetian style gotico fiorito.The Regional Museum is also noteworthy as it is housed in an 18th-century palace. Founded in 1884, it was the first museum in Istria.

Accommodation in Porec
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There's a tremendous variety of accommodation in Porec whether you want to rent a room or apartment or stay in a hotel. Find out more about accommodation in Porec.

Getting to Porec

It's easy enough to get to Porec as the town is connected by ferry, bus and road to Italy and by bus and road to other Croatian towns. More.

Day Trips from Porec

Porec also makes a good base to visit other towns in Istria and beyond whether independently or as part of an organized tour you can book online. More.

Tourist Information in Porec 

The Porec tourist office(tel 052-451 293) is at Zagrebacka 11 in the town centre and distributes many helpful brochures.    

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