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Although you can get around Croatia fairly easily in English, there are some good tools available if you want to learn to speak Croatian. Now that everyone want to travel to Croatia, there's a great assortment of tools to help you learn the Croatian language. There are audiotapes, dictionaries, talking dictionaries, CD ROMs (for which you'll need a microphone on your computer) and even a language course you can download onto your MP3 player.

Here are some other useful products for learning Croatian:

Want to go further? Pimsleur's Croatian is another good system for learning the Croatian language. Dr. Pimsleur's renowned language-learning technique is a total immersion course encouraging you to hear, understand and use the language at the same time. It comes with one CD.

David Norris's "Teach Yourself Croatian" audioguide is a shorter course but also valuable for quickly picking up and pronouncing key phrases. The two 60-minute CDs are enhanced by his Teach Yourself Croatian paperback

Colloquial Croatian: The Complete Course for Beginners comes with a book and two audio CDs. The approach is practical and interactive as it takes you step by step through the language.

Talk Now Learn Croatian is a good beginning course to pick up the basics but you'll need more to go further.

Croatian Pro Easy Immersion by Magnum Language Systems is a new product with a range of interactive features to help in pronunciation and comprehension.

For a list of nearly every phrase a traveller could want, neatly organised into chapters, it would be hard to beat Lonely Planet's Croatian phrasebook

Any word not found there, you're sure to find in Lagenscheidt's little yellow Croatian Dictionary

Ectaco handheld Croatian electronic dictionary. Containing over 450,000 words, you'll never be at a loss with one of these.It has useful phrases, common idioms and everything from legal to medical to slang terms. Plus, there are many more functions. For example, you can record new words into it to expand the dictionary (cool Croatian slang for example). You can enter words as you hear them and then choose from a list of suggestions to narrow it down to the right word and then have it translated.


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