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More Useful Croatian Phrases for Travellers


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Now you've mastered the top ten phrases in Croatian, it's time to expand your horizons to other useful words and phrases. The following list should get you started but it's worthwhile to invest in a good Croatian language course.

English Croatian Pronunciation
Where is. . .? Gdje je. . .? Gdye-ye
Is there. . .? Ima. . .? Eema
There isn't. . . Nema. . . Ne-ma
I would like. . . zelim. . . zhe-leem
Entrance Ulaz oo-laz
Exit Izlaz eez-laz
Open Otvoreno ot-vor-eno
Closed Zatvoreno zat-vor-eno
WC Zahodi za-haw-dee
Men Mus karci moosh-kar-tsee
Women zene zzhe-ne




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