Croatian language: Days, Months, Time
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Days, Months, Time 


To have a useful discussion about ferry, train or bus schedules, it helps to master the following list. By the way, watch out for "ne vozi nedjeljom ni praznikom" (no service Sunday and public holidays); it makes it easier to get around Croatia.

English Croatian Pronunciation
Monday ponedjeljak paw-ned-ye-lyak
Tuesday utorak oo-taw-rak
Wednesday srijeda sree-ye-da
Thursday četvrtak chet-vr-tak
Friday petak pe-tak
Saturday subota soo-baw-ta
Sunday nedjelja ned-yel-ya
January siječanj see-ya-chan
February veljača vel-ya-cha
March ozujak aw-zhoo-yak
April travan tra-van
May svibanj svee-ban
June lipanj lee-pan
July srpanj sr-pan
August kolovoz kaw-law-vawz
September rujan roo-yan
October listopad lee-staw-pad
November studeni stoo-de-nee
December prsinac praw-see-nats
today danas da-nas
tomorrow sutra soo-tra
yesterday jučer yoo-cher
every day svaki dan sva-kee dan
What time is it? Koliko je sati? kaw-lee-kaw ye sa-tee
It's one o'clock Jedan je sat ye-dan ye-sat



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