Croatian Cardinal Numbers
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 Croatian Numbers





Now for the numbers in Croatian . They come in handy, especially for negotiating prices. You'll also want to practice saying "Kaw-lee-kaw sto-yee?" (Koliko stoji) (How much is it?)

English Croatian Pronunciation
zero nula noo-la
one jedan je-dan
two dva dva
three tri tree
four četiri che-tee-ree
five pet pet
six šest
seven sedam se-dam
eight osam aw-sam
nine devet de-vet
ten deset de-set
eleven jedanaest ye-do-na-est
twelve dvanaest dva-na-est
thirteen trinaest tree-na-est
fourteen četrnaest che-tr-na-est
fifteen petnaest pe-na-est
sixteen šestnaest shes-na-est
seventeen sedamnaest se-dam-na-est
osamnaest aw-sam-na-est
devetnaest de-vet-na-est
twenty dvadeset dva-de-set
twenty-one dvadesetjedan ye-dan
twenty-two dvadesetdva dva-de-set-dva
thirty trideset tree-de-set
forty četrdeset che-tr-de-set
fifty pedeset pe-de-set
šezdeset shez-de-set
sedamdeset sd-dam-de-set
osamdeset aw-sam-de-set
devedeset de-ve-de-set
one hundred sto sto
one thousand tisuću tee-soo-choo
one million milijun mee-lee-yoon

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