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Splitska, Brac Island


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The minuscule village and harbour of Splitska on the northern coast of Brac island is an ideal getaway if you really want to get away. The permanent population is less than 400 people and most of them have been making a living for centuries from vineyards and olive trees. Now there's a small tourism business that cranks to life in July and August.

What to See & Do in Splitska

There's a fine little beach backed by pine trees for lazing away the days. For a cultural tingle, head to the 16th-century citadel which has some interesting paintings including a Madonna with Saints by Leandro Bassano and a Madonna with Child by Bernardino dei Conti.

Splitska is only a short 2km to Skrip, the historical center of Brac island with remnants of Illyrians, Romans and 16th-century nobility.

Where to Stay

There are no hotels in Splitska but there is an assortment of private rooms and apartments to rent.
Splitska apartments
Splitska B&Bs
Splitska guesthouses
Splitska Villas

Getting to Splitska

You can even walk to Splitska as it's only 6km east of Supetar. Otherwise, you'll need wheels. If you stay in a private room or apartment, the owners will pick you up at the ferry dock in Supetar (see getting to Brac Island).

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