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Croatia Island Cruise: Food and Drink


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On most Croatia island cruises, half-board is obligatory and this one was no exception. Breakfast was served from 8 to 9am, lunch was around 1pm and for our dinner, we were free to choose a restaurant where we docked overnight.


Breakfast was minimal. There was a choice of coffee or tea, bread, jam and usually one little extra like hard-boiled egg, cheese or ham. Fruit juice was not included but was available for purchase at the bar. To break the monotony, we sometimes bought a pastry or burek at a pastry shop the night before.


There was an on-board chef to prepare our lunches which were, on the whole, pretty good and definitely copious. We usually began with a clear soup, followed by the main course which was either grilled fish, chicken or meat. The accompaniments included Croatian specialties like blitva or duvec but most often involved potatoes in their many permutations. Dessert was fresh fruit.

Vegetarians have some planning to do. The on-board vegetarian had notified the company before and the chef was careful to prepare eggs as a substitute protein.


Drinks were not included in the price and we were asked not to bring our own drinks to the table. The prices of wine, beer, soda, juice, water etc at the on-board bar were reasonable and often cheaper than the prices in an island bar or cafe.

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