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Croatia Island Cruise: Practicalities


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Be very specific about the kind of cabin you require (see cabins). "French" beds are great for couples; bunk beds great for friends or kids. "Upper deck" can include cabins on the top deck and the deck at sea level. I didn't notice much difference but the sea level deck got slightly more traffic.


Whether you opt for half-board or full-board, drinks are not included so you'll need to budget for coffee, cocktails, juice, water etc. Most port stops have ATMs to get cash but there may be a stop on a tiny island without one. Keep some cash handy. At the end of the trip, your outstanding bill is settled in cash and it's customary to tip the staff a few euros a day.

What to Bring

a guidebook: it's helpful for restaurant and nightlife suggestions in the port stops and to provide background on the itinerary and destinations

detailed map: fun to find the little swimming coves on a map

plastic shoes: you may be able to swim or snorkel to a rocky shore

towels: no towels are provided

snorkel gear: the crystalline waters are ideal for fish-watching

a good book: just in case it, you know, rains or something

earplugs: although the cabin doors are thick, nightlife can be noisy in some ports

bathing suits: notice the plural as there are two daily swim stops

toiletries: only a bar of soap is provided



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