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Croatia Island Cruise: Review


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What could be more idyllic than island hopping in Croatia? Especially by boat. The days drift by in a relaxing rhythm of swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing against an ever-changing backdrop of pine-fringed islands studding the blue Adriatic. Sure, it's great to charter your own boat in Croatia but it's also fun (and cheaper) to book a cabin on a gulet or motorized sailboat. (Click for a full list of island cruises)

Over the course of a week (or two) the ship meanders down the Croatian coast, stopping in otherwise inaccessible island bays and coves. Early evening, the boat docks at one of Croatia's many historic island villages where there's time for sightseeing, cocktails and a meal before returning to your cabin. Whether as a 'girlfriend getaway', family holiday or couples vacation, an island cruise is guaranteed to recharge your batteries.


This review and photo journal is based on a 7-day cruise that took us from Rijeka to Krk, Rab, the Kornati Islands, Mali Losinj and Cres. We booked the cruise through Adriagate, a Croatia-based agency that offers a multitude of island cruises departing from Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Trogir and Dubrovnik.

Cruise the Croatian Isles with Adriagate

Luxury at Sea:

Southern Explorer




Dubrovnik Discovery


Dalmatian Islands




National Parks/Kornati


National Parks


Small Islands


Active Light


Dalmatian Cycling


Gulet cruising boat

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Bay in the Kornati Islands
One of the many beautiful island coves


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