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Cres Island Accommodation


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Hotels on Cres Island tend to be low key. Don't look for five-star splendour, keep your expectations reasonable and you won't be disappointed. Remember that this is not a world tourist centre.

In Cres town, there are two three-star hotels. Hotel Kimen has spacious rooms right near the beach. And, it's certified eco-friendly. Villa Lavanda is also a lovely place in the old town and near the beach.

One or the most wonderful places to stay on Cres Island is remote and rustic Pansion Tramontana in Beli "which does a terrific late-night dinner on the terrace." according to a review in The Times. I can heartily recommend the local lamb, cooked Croatian style under a bell washed down with plenty of local wine.

There is a fair amount of private accommodation on Cres Island but you'll need to reserve in advance or go to the tourist office. Don't count on ladies meeting you at the port or bus station.

Or you can try Camping Kovacine where you can rent a room or bungalow.


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